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Works and maintenance of pneumatic butterfly valve adjustment pay attention to what

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8873必赢bwin The pneumatic butterfly valve pneumatic actuators and butterfly. Pneumatic butterfly valve do open and close the valves Kom rotating circular disc, to enable action pneumatic valves do cut-off valve, can also be designed to function, regulation or paragraph valve and adjustable butterfly valve in the low pressure and large in diameter pipeline on the use of more and more.

1. works butterfly valve pneumatic butterfly valve butterfly plate installed in the direction of the pipe diameter. Within the cylindrical passage of the valve body, disc-shaped butterfly plate around the axis of rotation, the rotation angle is between 0 ° -90 °, the rotation to 90 ° when the valve is in a fully opened state. Butterfly simple structure, small size, light weight, and by only a few parts. And just rotate 90 ° to quickly open and close, easy to operate, while the fluid control valve has a good characteristic. The butterfly valve in the fully open position, the the butterfly plate thickness is the only resistance in the medium flowing through the valve, so produced through the valve, the pressure drop is small, it has a better flow control characteristics. Butterfly valve bomb seal and metal seal seal type. The elastic sealing valves, seals can be mounted on the body or attached to the periphery of the disc.

2 pneumatic butterfly valve maintenance and debugging

2.1 solenoid valve and muffler inspection and maintenance

every 6 months for inspection and maintenance of the solenoid valve the main check solenoid valve no dirt blocking the valve core activities freely, muffler nasties blocked, is smooth. The gas source is clean and no moisture.

2.2 cylinder inspection and maintenance program

peacetime for the cylinder surface cleaning and cylinder shaft circlip at the refueling every six months regularly open the cylinder end cap to check the cylinder whether debris and moisture, and grease state. Such as missing or dry grease the cylinder apart to do after the clean-up of a comprehensive maintenance plus grease.

2.3 valve body check every six months whether the appearance of the check valve is good, with or without mounting flanges leaked, if it is convenient check valve seal is good, no wear, and the running of the valve plate is flexible valve with or without foreign body stuck .

2.4 cylinder block of dismantling and assembly methods and precautions

First, the cylinder is removed from the body, the first cylinder at both ends of the cover apart, must pay attention to the direction of the piston rack demolition piston, then the piston running to the outermost external force clockwise rotating cylinder axis, and then ventilation holes slowly closing valves gently with the pressure piston top, but be sure to pay attention to slowly ventilation, otherwise the piston will suddenly ejected, a little dangerous! Then circlip removed, the cylinder axis cylinder axis out from the other end. Then you can clean up for each component, grease, grease parts to be added: the cylinder wall and piston seals, rack and back ring piece, gear shaft and seal. According to the plus good grease after demolition order and parts in reverse order to install after in accordance with the demolition order and parts in reverse order to install, must pay attention to the position of the rack and pinion, we must ensure that in the open position piston shrink to innermost to the position of the end groove of the gear shaft and parallel to the cylinder block, off valve position when the piston extends outermost to the position of the end groove of the gear shaft and is perpendicular to the cylinder body.

2.5 cylinder with the valve installation and commissioning methods and precautions

first valve with an external force in the off state, the first valve in the closed state by an external force, that is, until the valve plate and seat clockwise rotation of the valve shaft sealing contact cylinder placed in the closed valve state (ie cylinder axis side of the small groove and the cylinder into a vertical shape for clockwise to valve off valve), the cylinder was then mounted onto the valve up (parallel to the mounting direction of the valve body or vertical can be), look at screw holes whether positive be much deviation, if any slight deviation, rotating cylinder block a little on it, and then screw fastening. Pneumatic butterfly valve debugging check valve fitting installation is complete, the solenoid valve and muffler, if not complete, shall not debug the normal supply gas pressure is 0.6MPA ± 0.05MPA, before running to ensure that the valve body is no debris stuck in the valve plate Department, debugging and running for the first time with manually operated solenoid valve manual button (manually operated solenoid valve coil is de-energized, manual operation is valid; electronically controlled operation manual twist at 0 laps loss of power, manual operation to be effective; 0 bit off valve, an open valve that is energized to open the valve, the loss of electricity shut valve energized off valve de-energized to open bit off valve to the solenoid valve coil is rotated 180 degrees can be installed), and observe the valve running state. If in the process of debugging and running the valve in the valve open starting position is very slow, but after long as the action soon after the action quickly, the commissioning process found that the valves in the valve open starting position is very slow, but as long as the action After quickly, this case the valve is closed tight, just cylinder stroke adjustment small point to when the adjustment screw (both ends of the stroke of the cylinder while inside tune, adjust the valves run to the open position, and then turn off the gas source and then transferred), transferred to the valve open easily, does not leak off place on the line. Muffler adjustable silencer can adjust the switching speed of the valve, the muffler will adjust to the open valve switching speed suitable if the tone is too small, it may make the valve does not operate.