Bayou Cafe Video – Joshua Szostak

Josh Szostak spent the evening of December 22nd, 2007 celebrating a friends birthday. He was laughing and talking inside the Bayou Cafe . None of Joshs friends can explain what happened shortly after midnight or why Josh and a friend went outside. After a few seconds outside, the friend returns to the bar and Josh stays outside.

According to the time lapse listed in the video:

00:08:35 – Josh walks out.

00:10:06 – Josh is standing on the sidewalk in the lower left hand portion of the screen. He doubles over.

00:10:22 – Josh takes off his sweatshirt and shirt.

00:11:34 – Josh walks away from the bar.

Joshs car was parked near the apartment where he planned to spend the night. A camera (300 feet south) at 67 N. Pearl Street records Josh alone – standing, looking around. He staggers and walks out of view. Josh is not seen on any other surveillance cameras (a police report verifies this). The Hudson River is 2 miles in the OPPOSITE direction. His body was recovered from the Hudson in April 2008.